Achieve the Best Forty Winks with Cooling Mattress Pads

Bad sleeping habits not only have an impact on your energy levels, productivity and mood, lack of sleep can also lead to a poor immune system. A weak immune system of course results to a body that is prone to diseases. So, for constant good moods, great energy and overall good health, get enough sleep at night. Maybe a cooling mattress pad can help you in this regard. See what a cooling mattress pad can do by reading this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is a cooling mattress pad really effective?

    Answer: Lots of cooling mattress pads do work since its structure has properties and components that facilitate better air circulation, breathability and moisture absorption. The performance of a cooling mattress pad usually depends if the item features passive or active cooling components. Active cooling mattress pads provide users lots of control over the pad’s temperature while passive ones stop heat from accumulating on the item.

  2. What is the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress topper?

    Answer: Mattress pads in general are thinner compared to mattress toppers. The latter has a thicker built and it also provides good padding for added comfort. Mattress toppers are also used to make older mattresses more comfortable. If you want a cooler surface to sleep on, you can opt for a cooling mattress pad.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a cooling mattress pad?

    Answer: First, you need to check the cooling properties of the item. Cooling mattress pads are either made with active or passive cooling properties. Passive ones feature breathable materials which drive away heat while active ones cool the surface of the mattress instantly. Next, consider your budget—get the best item that your money can afford. Make sure that the item is made from high-quality materials to guarantee durability, comfort and softness. If you want more softness out of the mattress pad, choose ones that have cotton or wool padding. The thickness of the mattress pad should suit your mattress as well. If you want pressure relief choose a memory foam mattress pad.

Our Top Picks


Taupiri Queen Quilted Mattress Pad

  • With quality microfiber top layer
  • Has soft, plush down alternative fill
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Extra-deep pocket

The Taupiri Queen Quilted Mattress Pad releases comforting coolness to aid better sleep. The mattress pad features fabric that is friendly on the skin—this means less tossing and turning even on blisteringly hot summer evenings. It is also crammed with high-quality, soft and plush down alternative fiberfill—this type of fill boosts air circulation and breathability. The fill also helps your body temperature to adapt well so you can sleep soundly throughout the night or day. Very easy to clean and maintain since it’s machine-washable too.


MATBEBY Bedding Quilted Fitted Queen Mattress Pad

  • With high-quality microfiber top layer
  • Features quilted fitted technology
  • Includes deep pocket
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The MATBEBY Bedding Quilted Fitted Queen Mattress Pad has hypoallergenic qualities which adds to the list of benefits that the pad offers. This means better sleep all night, without breaking in a sweat. It is breathable thanks to the high-quality microfiber top—the surface also wicks away sweat so you can always have a comfortable surface to sleep on. To fit mattresses suitably, this one also comes with a deep pocket. It’s durable and easy to care for.


COTTONHOUSE Cooling Mattress Topper Pad

  • Has 100% cotton surface
  • With 450gsm down alternative fill
  • Comes with deep pocket
  • Easy to clean

The COTTONHOUSE Cooling Mattress Topper Pad promises evenings without constantly tossing and turning during sleep. It has a cooling surface which is kind on the skin and extra-breathable thanks to the 100 percent cotton material. For added plushness and comfort, the mattress pad was also outfitted with 450gsm down alternative filling. It fits and protects the mattress as well due to its quality deep pocket.


SLEEP ZONE Quilted Mattress Pad

  • Has Nanotex Coolest Comfort Technology
  • With 120gsm over-thick brushed microfiber surface
  • Offers accurate fit with deep pocket
  • Comes with quilted polygon pattern style

The SLEEP ZONE Quilted Mattress Pad will make you feel good in the morning. Enough hours of sleep will be had by using this nifty mattress pad—this one comes with fiberfill that was siliconized and has a spiral, five-dimensional form. This structure replicates the feel and plushness of authentic duck and goose down fill so you can fall sleep in its softness. The cooling properties of the pad comes from Nanotex technology—it balances body temps, draws away sweat from the skin and into the surface of the pad, thereby dissipating it eventually so you will always sleep over a dry, comfortable surface.


Tempur-Pedic Cool Luxury Mattress Pad

  • Uses Smart Climate technology
  • With Eternaloft Hypoallergenic Fill
  • Tempur-Ultifit System with 2-way stretch
  • Has waterproof properties

The Tempur-Pedic Cool Luxury Mattress Pad is a welcome solution during hot summer nights. You can always sleep in total comfort and banish night sweats away by means of the pad’s easy, seamless knit fabric. The fabric makes use of Smart Climate technology with high molecular weight yarn to bring about coolness and provide lasting comfort during sleep. Its hypoallergenic filling, which is called Eternaloft, also gives excellent support. Spills and stains on the mattress will be a thing of the past too since this one has great waterproofing.


MEETLIFE Queen Mattress Pad

  • With strong, comfy microfiber fill
  • Very breathable
  • Has combed cotton top surface
  • Comes with deep pocket

The MEETLIFE Queen Mattress Pad brings fluff and a smooth, cooling surface for you to take advantage off. The top surface of this pad features high-quality combed cotton for extra-breathability, softness and comfort. The pad is also crammed to the gills with strong yet plush and fluffy microfiber—the structure and quality of the microfiber assures that it will remain in shape and continue to be effective for a longer period of time. It’s so comfy to sleep on and it’s also a breeze to clean and maintain.

Sleeping in very hot weather will never be an issue if you use a cooling mattress pad. These pads are a practical buy especially if you live in an area with a constantly hot climate. It does well in providing a cool space for you to rest on, so why not add it to your shopping cart today? Try out its benefits and see what you’re missing out.