Protect Your Bed from Creepy-Crawlies Using the Best Mattress Encasement

Your bed might look spiffy and clean, all corners taken care of very well but there are threats which can harm its quality. Yes, we are talking about those teeny-tiny annoyances called bedbugs. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), their 2018 Bugs Without Borders research indicates that 97% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year. Imagine that—loads of households in the country have fixtures that were invaded by hoards of these creepy-crawlies. These pests are itchy, multiply fast and they spread all over the house. Thus, they need to be eliminated—and fast.

You can still prevent these critters from occupying the very spot where you rest in—take charge by investing in a reliable mattress encasement. A mattress encasement was especially designed to handle these threats. Get some ideas by checking out our selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of mattress encasements?

    Answer: The mattress encasement was made to protect your mattress against bedbugs. Apart from that, it is also a dependable item for protection against common allergens like dust mites. It also helps protect the bed from sudden spills and stains. It gives a hygienic sleeping surfaces for all residents of the house.

  2. Are there differences between mattress encasements and mattress protectors?

    Answer: Mattress protectors and mattress encasements are terms which have been used interchangeably in the business, however these items still have their differences. The mattress encasement is a type of bed cover which guards the entirety of the mattress, from the top to the bottom. It slips over the whole mattress and zips securely at a single specific end to stop bedbugs and allergens from getting in the mattress. Mattress protectors on the other hand only cover the sides and the top surface of the mattress.

  3. How do you care for and maintain mattress encasements?

    Answer: Mattress encasements used regularly need to be washed frequently. Based on the type of encasement and its size, it might entail two individuals to take away the encasement for a cleanup—some mattress encasements can be heavy so it will be harder to take away from the bed. Washable mattress encasements often come with cleaning instructions so make sure to follow them. Majority of these items are also machine-washable and can be tumbled-dried using low or no heat at all. There are mattress encasements though which require specific care and maintenance requirements to protect the material or its waterproofing properties so make sure to follow those instructions to extend the encasement’s use.

Our Top Picks


Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

  • With stretchy knitted polyester fabric
  • Has PVC waterproof TPU backing
  • Includes zipper with zip guard
  • OEKO-TEX certified encasement

The Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement gets the top spot because of its high-quality features and materials. This OEKO-TEX certified mattress encasement comes with a hardy, resistant TPU backing which guards all mattress sides for surefire protection. The TPU backing also leads to noiseless use unlike plastic types. It features knitted polyester fabric as well for comfort and efficient moisture absorption and guaranteed breathability/proper air circulation. The micro-zipper it comes with has a zip guard and completely secures the tiniest invaders from getting into your mattress.


Four Seasons Essentials Queen Mattress Encasement

  • With six-sided zipper encasement
  • 100% waterproof encasement
  • Has hypoallergenic construction
  • Comes with stretchy, breathable fabric

The Four Seasons Essentials Queen Mattress Encasement assures better sleep and a mattress that is well-protected against bedbugs and allergens. This one provides six-sided protection too—it includes a zipper which secures throughout the mattress. The waterproofing is dependable due to the quality polyurethane inner lining—the long helps prevent liquids and moisture from penetrating the mattress. Being made from stretchy and breathable fabric also allows easier installation and removal, plus a good night’s sleep without the excess sweating.


Bed Bug Blocker All-In-One Zip-Up Mattress Protector

  • With polypropylene, polyethylene and polyethylene lining
  • Has 3-layer blocking system
  • Completely waterproof encasement
  • Hypoallergenic built

The Bed Bug Blocker All-In-One Zip-Up Mattress Protector offers a total shield against bedbugs, allergens and other similar threats by means of their triple seal closure, hardwearing and heavy-duty seams and interior barrier flap. This one is also waterproof allover for protection against sudden spills and stains—its outer layer is quite impervious to liquids. The exterior fabric for this one is soft and hypoallergenic. This is actually a great mattress encasement and protector for your kid’s mattress.


Aller-Ease 175-M7 Mattress Protector

  • Offers premium allergen barrier protection
  • With complete waterproof design
  • Installs and removes easily
  • Machine-washable protector

The Aller-Ease 175-M7 Mattress Protector is the best option for those who have respiratory illnesses and allergies—this one is built to prevent common allergens from taking over your mattress. Whether dust mites, pet dander or pollen, this encasement will never allow those threats to settle on your sleeping spot. This one also comes with bedbug barrier fabric to stop bedbugs from invading and multiplying plus antimicrobial fabric as well to keep it clean and free from odors and bacterial growth. Very easy to install and remove, with a zipper that has a protective flap.


Nestl Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

  • With 100% waterproof cotton terry surface
  • Includes zipper with zip guard
  • Hypoallergenic construction
  • OEKO-TEX certified

The Nestl Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement has reliable waterproofing thanks to its extensive protective design and high-quality cotton terry top surface. It also features durable, efficient seams and protects all six sides of the mattress. It has a zipper which reaches all the way through for allover protection and easier installation/removal. It not only guards users from allergens and pests, it also shields against sudden spills and stains. Easy to take care of—you can machine-wash it on cold and tumble-dry on low.


Zen Bamboo Mattress Encasement

  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • Uses Ultra-Cool breathable technology
  • Protects against liquids and stains
  • OEKO-TEX certified encasement

Wondering if you can get an encasement that is super-breathable and kind on the skin? Bamboo is always a top choice, and the Zen Bamboo Mattress Encasement will always be a welcome addition to your collection of beddings. This one makes use of Ultra-Cool breathable technology which provides extensive air circulation throughout the item so you won’t break a sweat and can always rest easy at night. The encasement is also completely waterproof and will not allow the invasion of common allergens and pests. It’s waterproof too so spills and stains will always be prevented.

Do not be plagued by bedbugs and allergens again. Make sure to have the right mattress encasement—the encasement is an indispensable type of bedding which stops pests like bedbugs and allergens from tampering with your mattress and preventing you from experiencing a good night’s sleep.